Is now a good time to sell?

The message that popped up in my inbox said:

“Could you do a market evaluation on our house to see where we’re at? We’re trying to figure out if now is a good time to sell. We love the area but would love to have more storage and closet space in the near future.”

I love getting these messages from past clients because it’s my goal to continue to help them make smart real estate decisions. Whether they just had a baby and are looking for more space, want to get into a specific school district, or want a second home.. there’s always the question of “Is now a good time?” The answer however, always varies and is dependent on each client’s situation. Here are the factors I look at when helping determine for a new or past client if “now” is a good time for them to make a move.

  1. First, it’s important to understand their situation. When did they buy their current house? When are they looking to move by? What are their overall goals?
  2. Next, I’ll look at the market overall. How is the supply and demand (are we in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market in the price range where their home would fall)? What are current interest rates and where are they projected to go in the next 12 months? How could this impact waiting a year vs making a move now?
  3. Lastly, I will compare all of that to their house data and determine their current market value. Have they made updates to the home? What has changed in their neighborhood since they purchased the home. How much do they owe on it and all of those details.

After gathering all of that data, I will meet with them in person to go over the facts. This isn’t me giving them my opinion on whether or not it makes sense for them to move. It is me sharing the stats and going over the numbers to help them decide if now is a smart time to make a move or if they should stay put to gain a little more equity and wait for the market to even out a bit first (if that aligns with their goals). So the clear cut answer to “Is now a good time for me to sell?” is – it depends!

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